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Inside-out Healthy ANTI-AGING IMMUNITY BOOSTING program

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Covid 19 Specials        

  • Telephysio discounted prices

    • Learn precise techniques how you can help yourself, if you cannot get into the office!
    • Initial consultation Zoom session 60 min. $ 139.99 and follow up Telephysio Zoom session 40 min $ 69.99


  • 15% off all in-office services and Gift Certificates

    • This Covid-19 15% flat discount applies during the global pandemic and Gift Certificates for services later are also available at a fast 15% off official prices.


Treatment Bundles

Special rates apply to treatment bundles of 3, 5 or 8 sessions. Ask about discounts for the combination of treatments for your condition.

Are you in pain?

Schedule a FREE deep-tissue class IV laser session with Dr Bo. (if medically indicated)

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COVID-19 updates.