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Postural and Movement

Postural Evaluations and Corrective Exercise Prescriptions

We use a postural grid and postural application to help visualize and assess postures and to monitor how it changes with treatment. When issues are detected, corrective exercises stretch and awareness via self-biofeedback and education are taught to the patient. We use a personalized video format for home exercise program prescriptions.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics and Flip Flops by Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers' custom orthotics work reliably. They are the highest quality and most comfortable customized orthotics on the market. Foot Levelers custom orthotics are individually designed for your feet, helping achieve a balanced foundation and stabilized pelvis. These custom orthotics are handmade for your unique feet based on 3D scans or casts, and your doctor's exam. Only Foot Levelers customized orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot, which make up the plantar vault.

Since our orthotics are custom-made by hand from scans or casts of your feet, no two pairs of Foot Levelers custom orthotics are alike! Innovations like 3-Arch Support, high-quality materials, and scanning technology enable uniqueness in each orthotic shaped and crafted to your individual feet. This results in a much higher quality orthotic that also happens to be extremely effective in reducing lower back pain and other forms of pain typically related to foot conditions.

Here at Dr. Bo Therapy and Wellness, we are proud providers of Foot Levelers custom orthotics!

  • Custom orthotics are made just for you based on a 3D scan of your feet. They fit perfectly into your shoes and can be put into any of your shoe types.
  • Foot Levelers custom orthotics not only make footwear more comfortable, but they are also research-proven to reduce pain! Stabilizing your feet – the body's foundation – helps restore balance to the rest of your body, thus reducing and preventing pain.
  • Not only does Foot Levelers make custom orthotics, but they also make custom flip-flops! The flip-flops are made from the same scans of your feet. Typically, the flip-flops you buy at the store are bad for your body because they are flat as a board and include ZERO arch support.
  • Foot Levelers' custom orthotic flip-flops are made just for you and come with custom arch support built into the flip-flops.
  • Foot Levelers also makes a custom orthotic specifically for golfers called the ParFlex Plus. The ParFlex Plus custom orthotic was research-proven to increase clubhead velocity 3-5 mph and help the player hit a golf ball 9-15 yards farther.
  • Schedule an appointment today to get your feet scanned!




Selective Functional Movement Assessment

The SFMA is a movement-based diagnostic system that systematically finds the root cause of pain by logically breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns in a structured and repeatable assessment. This helps a certified provider to narrow down the diagnosis and to further differentiate between tissue and joint dysfunction, or stability and motor control deficit. Dr. Bo routinely utilizes components of these assessments.

Functional Movement Screen and Correctives

FMS is a screening tool used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain or musculoskeletal injury. The FMS is not intended to diagnose orthopedic problems but rather to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals. The screening is designed to place an individual in extreme positions where movement deficits become noticeable. This leads to the use of compensatory movements to achieve or maintain the level of performance needed for the activity.

The inefficient use of compensation during movement will lead to poor biomechanics that limit gains in performance and reduce the body's ability to remain adaptable and durable against the risks of being active. We also know that prior injuries and asymmetries are related to a higher risk of injuries. Based on the screening, corrective exercises and exercise programs are prescribed, modifying safe exercise progression.

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