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You deserve to move and live pain-free with optimal wellness and physical performance. All in as few visits as possible. Our focus is to help you avoid unnecessary surgical or pharmacological interventions.

About Dr. Bo, DPT
Proudly working for patients - not for insurance companies
  Serving greater West Palm Beach area. 

Dr.Bo, DPT, has practiced Physical Therapy for over 20 years in a variety of professional environments, including private practices, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Hunter College/CUNY with a bachelor's degree in physical therapy and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree, with distinction, from the New York Institute of Technology in 2009.

Dr. Bo knows from personal experience how frustrating ongoing physical issues can be. After five challenging years with limited function due to bilateral shoulder calcific tendonitis, she decided to forgo traditional insurance-based physical therapy and try specialized, fee for service treatment instead. This epiphany brought a change to the focus of her work, and Dr. Bo began combining her expertise in manual therapy and movement-based services with the market's most cutting-edge pro healing modalities. While she always strives to eliminate pain and discomfort, Dr. Bo's ultimate goal is to identify the source of pain and dysfunction, fix the problem, and prevent it from ever occurring again. Contrary to only putting a bandaid on it. Allow what relieved Dr. Bo's pain to relieve yours, too!

Why out of pocket physical therapy services even when you have medical insurance?

  • No insurance intermediary dictates your treatment plan or allowance of any kind
  • Extended and more thorough treatment sessions one-on-one with an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy and not an assistant or aide (70 min. when combined with modalities)
  • We help most people in 3 to 5 sessions versus insurance-based 12 to 20 average per episode of care
  • Most of your session time dedicated to hands-on manual treatments
  • Discounted physical therapy packages are still less than most insurance deductibles and combined copays for many sessions
  • No waiting for appointments, we suit your schedule
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