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Myofascial Release

We now offer Myofascial Release (MFR)

  • For the whole body
  • For face and neck as a myofascial "facial"
  • For localized scars from trauma or surgery, like post C- sections, post plastic surgeries like liposuction, breast surgeries, orthopedic surgeries or even after prolonged pellets insertions for BHR Therapy

Program may include manual MFR only or Manual MFR with the addition of ESWT Shockwave and Class IV Laser and Instrument Assisted SoftTissue Mobilization, IASTM, and Cupping, all based on individualized assessments.  

What is fascia?

Fascia is a thin yet tough (can withstand up to 2000 lbs per square inch) web-like type of connecting tissue lining absolutely EVERYTHING in our body as well as connecting it ALL together. Some scientists now claim that fascia is actually one gigantic sensory organ since it contains mechanoreceptors for proprioception and interoception alike and it even contributes to regulating our autonomic nervous system. The jury is still out as the research evolves. 

We think that the fascia is like a 3D saran wrap covering every muscle fiber, every nerve, blood vessel, organ, bone etc and it provides internal structure, sort of an internal scaffolding to our body. This wonderfully alive tissue has its own innervation and blood flow however it tightens up easily due to stress, injuries and surgeries. While there are four different kinds of fascia, specifically structural, intersectoral, visceral, and spinal in reality they’re all interconnected. 

When fascia is healthy and well hydrated, it’s flexible, supple, and it glides smoothly without any adhesions or tightness. However due to surgeries and injuries, even chronic inactivity, fascia tightens and starts to adhere to surrounding tissues, gets sticky and prevents normal range of motion and movement patterns thus impeding normal functional movement, circulation, lymph flow, often creating chronic myofascial pain conditions such as neck, back, shoulder pain or fasciitis, as an example. 

Besides pain, the problems with fascia and scarring can also contribute to premature skin aging as lines and wrinkles get deeper, muscle tone decreases and our skin starts to look lumpy and uneven. 

Unfortunately regular massage or typical physical therapy alone often do not produce long lasting or permanent results.  

Check out this fascinating great video here for up to date information on fascia:

Typical Fascial Tightness Pattern

Adhesions or scar tissue exist not only on the skin itself but they often extend deep inside our bodies like roots or vines which is even more problematic. Our standard medical text don't show fascial restrictions, making diagnosis difficult. That is where the expertise of a physical therapist well versed in Myofascial Release is extremely beneficial.

We proudly practice MFR techniques pioneered by John Barnes, PT (an icon in the research, practice, and education of Myofascial Release) and Thomas Myers (author of "Anatomy Trains".)

The techniques are gentle and safe and focus on engaging the elastic and collagenous skin barrier and sustaining gentle compression at least for a few minutes at a time to allow for a natural release. John Barnes states:

 "Our cells have a crystalline nature. When pressure is applied to a crystal it generates an electrical flow. In the human body the pressure we utilize with myofascial release generates a bioelectrical flow which then turns into what is called mechanotransduction. Mechanotransduction allows for a biochemical and hormonal effect at the cellular level".

Here is a picture of major fascial chains in our bodies based on Thomas Myers' "Anatomy Trains". 

It is important to note that major fascial chains or trains align to about 80 to 90% with the acupuncture meridians in traditional chinese medicine. It seems like the crystalline nature of the fascial matrix works almost like a fiber optic cable allowing for the proper energy flow throughout the body. Restricted, thick, or gooey fascia prevents a proper flow of energy or chi. Once our MFR treatment is completed we suggest enhancing these benefits further with acupuncture treatments to optimize your health even further. 

Only skilled application of Myofascial Release techniques can produce long lasting and permanent results of restoring fascial length and flexibility and reducing scar tissue. An added anti aging benefit is certainly a better looking skin with less wrinkles and lumps. Healthy fascia is needed for proper body symmetry and alignment as it even reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite . That healthier and younger look can be further enhanced via application of the red and infrared therapy bed, aka photobiomodulation bed and or class IV Laser and cryotherapy. A tougher scar tissue or even a keloid can further be improved via the addition of ESWT shockwave therapy. 

Schedule an evaluation to see how MFR, our laser and red and infrared therapy bed or ESWT shockwave can help you to become pain free, improve mobility and function and even enhance the appearance of your skin as your fascia becomes naturally healthier. 

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